Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thailand political unrest, May 2010 - update #4

Fighting between civilian protestors and the armed forces continued in Bangkok last night and on into today, and official reports say that the death toll has now risen to 30, with an additional 232 injured.

After reading international reports from respected sources such as Reuters, the BBC and the ABC (because most news sources here are biased in favour of the authorities and do not always tell the whole truth) it appears that many of the fatalities were unarmed civilians who were targeted by the army as part of a deliberate "shoot to kill" policy sanctioned by the government (who, not surprisingly, deny it - they say only armed "terrorists" are being targeted, but foreign reports clearly contradict that).

Everyone I know here is in total shock about this. This is not the Thai way of doing things. It is a gross violation of human rights, surely? I hope the United Nations quickly does something to stop this nightmare.

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