Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Power Rangers

This is Part 2 of a series about popular youth culture in Thailand
(see here for Part 1)

Power Rangers is another big favorite with children here in Thailand, although mostly we get the original Japanese version called "Super Sentai", and not the Saban/BVS/Disney American re-made version that is more famous outside of Asia. (This is the same as with the similar American "Masked Rider" series, also by Saban, which is based on the Japanese original "Kamen Rider".)

Power Rangers VCDs and DVDs, containing episodes of the Japanese Super Sentai TV series dubbed into Thai, are extremely popular with Thai children because they can be bought for as little as 30 Baht each in supermarkets like Tesco-Lotus and Big-C. Power Rangers toy figures are another favourite with the children. Indeed, my son absolutely loves the VCDs and toys!

Here are some fun Power Rangers online games that you might like to play (from the Dan-Dare.org free fun and games site):

  Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  Power Rangers Dino Thunder

  Power Rangers Dino Thunder 2

  Power Rangers S.P.D. Megazord

  Power Rangers Mystic Force

  Power Rangers Mystic Force 2

  Power Rangers Mystic Force 3

  Power Rangers Jungle Fury

The games also include Power Rangers wallpaper pictures for you to use as your computer background if you wish.

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